Tour Dates


Percy’s Witchworth UK June 28

Wortley Beer Festival Sheffield UK June 30—Event-Venue/Wortley-Beer-Festival-167646294040160/

Market Bar Inverness UK July 2

Banshee With Brick Edinburgh UK July 3

Nice & Sleazy with Brick Glasgow UK July 5

Parafest Festival Caerwys North Wales UK July 12

Walmer Castle Kent UK August 16

West Street Live Sheffield UK August 18

The Lighthouse Club London UK August 21

Cargo Club London UK August 22

TVW Stock Festival BBC Wales UK August 24

Leestock late May UK 2020


Rejectionist Front Press

Rejectionist Front is a driven rock band with a passion for hard-hitting, groove-heavy alternative rock. Their music echoes the work of forward-thinking groups such as Rage Against The Machine, Alice In Chain or Led Zeppelin, going for a riff-centric, big sound. The band is quickly acquiring an outstanding reputation due to their incendiary performances and thought-provoking lyrics. Even famed rock production legend Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, A Perfect Circle…) is a big fan of the band!—-
Bandcamp Diaries

Rejectionist Front has become a global phenomenon. We couldn’t ask for anything better. —-
Warlock Asylum

Impactful lyrics and anthemic rock music filled with fast paced, heavy guitar riffs and powerful baritone vocals- every song is set to kick you off your seat. I do see this band filling and playing big arenas.— Vents Magazine

Rejectionist Front should be placed in the category of modern musical trendsetters.This frenetic foursome brings you an in-your-face rock assault. Fight-For-Your-Right anthem for this day & age.— Skype Magazine

Layer upon layer of sound comes together into a delightful swirl, ensuring that all simply soars into the sky. The lyrics have a poetic quality to them as Rejectionist Front embarks on an epic journey.— Beach Sloth

MUST check out! These guys are here to stay and thank God. Act One Magazine
Extremely talented…They give the listeners something they can feel in their soul and relate to.— HotBlock Magazine

Plenty of power. You’ll be moving with the beat almost as soon as you press play. —–
Music Industry News Network

Non-stop cycle of motion…It’s that much of a thriller…The band is proud to play in support of such vital causes as Rock The Vote, Save Darfur, Wounded Warriors, the USO and Occupy.—-
Natalie World

The music oozes swagger and attitude, inherent menace and bristles with energy.—
Dancing About Architecture

One of the best guitar driven rock album in recent memory.—
Burned Out Border————————————————


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