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2018 Reviews For Rejectionist Front

Bandcamp Diaries (single review)

Rejectionist Front is a driven rock band with a passion for hard-hitting, groove-heavy alternative rock. Their music echoes the work of forward-thinking groups such as Rage Against The Machine, Alice In Chain or Led Zeppelin, going for a riff-centric, big sound. The band is quickly acquiring an outstanding reputation due to their incendiary performances and thought-provoking lyrics. Even famed rock production legend Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, A Perfect Circle…) is a big fan of the band!
These NYC rockers have been busy making music that is not only carefully crafted on a musical standpoint, but also extremely thought-proving, often exploring social and political issues that affect people in the United States of America, and across the whole world.
Recently, the group released a brand new single titled “All I Am,” which is an explosive concoction of alternative rock, conscious lyrics and funk influences that add movement and flow to their sound. The song makes me think of what would have happened if Joe Strummer could have had the opportunity to jam with Rage Against The Machine, and share in their iconoclastic political stances!
The single appears on the group’s recent full-length album, titled “Evolved.” It stands as a great snapshot’s of the band’s sound and attitude, portraying their fondness for breaking and rearranging the rules according to their creative vision!


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